Receiving an error when ENTERING or LOADING a flight plan into the G1000 or GNS?

Ensure you that if you have FSUIPC, you have at least version 4.958d We don’t use FSUIPC, but if it’s present, it can conflict with our avionics unless it’s 4.958d or newer


If you need to obtain 4.958d, follow the instructions below:

1. Extract the FSUIPC file from the attached zip file and replace your existing file (rename your old one).  The FSUIPC file is the modules folder of which ever version of flight sim you are using.

2. Within the same folder edit your FSUIPC.INI file and add the following line in the section labeled [General]


11/28/16 - Users of APController by Aerosoft have reported flight plan operation conflict when their product is loaded.  This issue is being investigated by Aerosoft. The current workaround is to disable the APController module while using Mindstar Avonics.




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