Conflicting Flight Sim Module Analysis Process

Use our FSModuleManager program to determine which module is causing a conflict with our avionics. Attached is an image that will show you how to load Mindstar's FSModuleManager and how to disable/enable modules.

For both the DLL.XML and EXE.XML disable all of your modules.  Please do not disable Hypergauge.dll as that is a Mindstar provided module.  Then see if the crash goes away. If it does, the then start re-enabling the modules (you can do that in groups if you have a lot of them) and see which one is causing the crash.

Remember to keep track of all of those that you disable as you would want to re-enable them again (short of the potential offending module).

Check with the publisher of the offending module for resolution.

Modules with known to cause conflicts with Mindstar Avionics:

1. FSUIPC.  Version 4.958d or newer along with following these instructions.

2. Aerosoft ApController. Current workaround is to disable the module when using Mindstar's avionics.



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