Which edition of software do I need for external hardware like RealSim Gear, Noble or Emuteq?

1. You need at a minimum the Advanced Edition of our software gauges. The Advanced Edition is normally sufficient enough for the majority of 3rd party hardware users (RealSim Gear, Noble Flight Simulations, Emuteq) and is targeted for home sim users. The following reference can be used if you believe you require the professional edition.

2. The advanced editions of our software can be purchased at the following link:

For professional edition purchases, please email

If you need to upgrade your existing home edition avionics to the advanced edition after purchasing your upgrade, follow the instructions below.

3. Advanced edition users of the mentioned hardware* units are eligible to purchase the home edition of RealNav Data.  Professional Edition users are required to purchase the Pro Edition of RealNav Data.  For more information about RealNav Data see the following reference:

After installing your RealNav compatible software, you will be able to search for the "RealNav Update Data" program in the Windows Application Search bar to purchase RealNav Data.

4. After purchasing your software, visit your vendor's website and follow their installation instructions. Mindstar is only able to answer and provide support for software related questions, hardware setup/questions are to be directed to the hardware vendor.


Pictured below is such an example setup whereas a Redbird Jay Sim customer is using the RealGear GNS hardware with Mindstar's GNS 430/530 software.

* Qualified hardware users do not included BATD (Basic Aviation Training Devices) classified sim using 3rd party hardware.  RealNav Data Pro is required for this level of simulator.



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